21 January 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Moving On Up

What is the key ingredient to any successful screen-printing company? Waterfalls. No joke. You aren’t a legit company unless you’ve got two glass and stainless steel waterfalls mounted in your front lobby wall. At least that’s the philosophy that inspired our new workplace. Not only did we launch a distinctively different website and add 20 plus new faces to the staff but we also created a modern, spacious environment to accommodate all this awesomeness!

In Jan. 2007 the building process was put in motion; it started with drawings and constant rearranging of offices. By March we were ready to break ground. Seven months later, we were still waiting on the concrete guy to get started. Just kidding! In Sept. we began the arduous task of moving across the parking lot from the old building into the shiny new facility. Even though our current location is roughly twice the size of the former, we’ve managed to fill it up with new staff and equipment.

The screen-printing warehouse accommodates all of our automatic and manual printing equipment, screen cleaning and drying areas and a large dark room. It was strategically positioned at the back of the building to allow the press operators to blast their music at full volume. Between the screen-print shop and the front office is the embroidery warehouse and a comfortable break room and shower facilities. The front offices are home to anyone who sits at a computer all day and of course to those amazing waterfalls.

Our new home has increased productivity and built a stronger sense of pride in the bluecotton.com name. Who wouldn’t love working with waterfalls?

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