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Atlantic Landscaping Dishes The Dirt

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As the records for high temperatures continue to be broken around the country, we enlisted one of our customers to give us some tips on lawn care. Erik Houser, from Atlantic Landscaping in Dennis, Massachusetts happily obliged us a few questions about landscaping and his dream lawn mower!

My favorite part of caring for my own lawn is the immediate results and satisfaction of turning overgrown grass into a beautifully cut lawn. What’s your favorite part of your job?

A perfectly manicured lawn and planting bed area. I like hearing from all of my customer’s “Excellent job!”

Of course when summer’s over – the leaves fall, presenting new challenges for the lawn. Do you have any tips or tricks of the trade for us on leaf cleanup?

For all of my customer’s properties I use a walk behind leaf vacuum (BillyGoat). If your property has access to the drive way, collect your leaves there and then dispose of them. If you do not have direct access to the driveway, a leaf vac is the way to go!

In addition to lawn care and landscaping– you’ve also installed swimming pools and fences. How did you get into making people’s homes beautiful?

Several years ago, I became disabled from being an auto mechanic. I hated sitting around the house with nothing to do and not being productive. I took some online landscaping courses and started Atlantic Landscaping. I’ve contracted properties from Hyannis, MA to Orleans, MA. I now have a potential customer off the Cape that wants a custom design and installation (photos to come soon on FaceBook)!

We’re going through a heat wave here in Kentucky – the old Bluegrass state. Do you have any tips on how to keep a healthy lawn in dry conditions?

Depending on current moisture conditions, you may water the lawn 2 times per day. Once in the early morning hours (5-7AM) and if needed, once again in the afternoon (3-5PM) The later day watering hours will still provide enough water to keep the lawn cool, but will evaporate quickly enough to not cause fungi or mold that can ruin your lawn.

You have quite a fleet of equipment! If you could win any piece of new equipment – what would it be and why?

I would absolutely LOVE a Walker Mower with a high dump attachment. These mowers with a 48” front deck are the BEST in the current industry. They offer precise cutting along with a bin collection system. They are great for leaf collection as well as regular cutting. They are worth 12k-15k for the unit!

You can find out more tips from Erik and Atlantic Landscaping on lawn care here.

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