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BC Biology Dept. Report: Moths Everywhere!

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Matt, one of our graphic designers, noticed two gorgeous Luna Moths (Actias luna) hanging out on his window screen. These large moths are also in the Saturniidae family and are only found in North America. Their common name, Luna, perhaps comes from their typically nocturnal lifestyle or their pale, moonlight color. As a caterpillar, this species feeds on walnut, sweet gum, persimmon and birch foliage. The wingspan on the first (and larger) moth pictured was five inches. I’m glad we got to see these guys up close–apparently Luna moth populations have been threatened by pesticides and other pollution in some areas.


Photo credit: Kyle

The Biology Dept. (all one of me) is always enthusiastic about connecting our natural world to the world in which we work. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Information sourced from the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders (2004) and University of Kentucky’s Entomology website.

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