17 March 2011 ~ 2 Comments

The T-Shirt Lifecycle [Infographic]

A lot of people, of the course of their lifetime, accumulate quite a lot of t-shirts. And, whether they realize it or not, they inevitably categorize their collection of tees by purposes, uses, and perceived value. Think about it. Some shirts we may only wear when we’re doing yard work or painting. Other shirts may only be used for sleeping in, never to be seen in public. Still, another shirt could be a prized possession–perhaps from a tour of your favorite band or a rare find at a vintage clothing store.

Nick Foster, from the design blog Sleeping In My Head, has created an infographic entitled “The T-Shirt Lifecycle” that beautifully illustrates his own subconscious categorization of his t-shirt collection. Click here to visit his blog to see the high-res version of the image below.

The T-Shirt Lifecycle

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09 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

The BlueCotton Blog Relaunch!

As you might have noticed, this blog has been–to put it gently–lacking for quite some time now. Well, we’ve finally gained a renewed vigour and a sense of what we would like our blog to become. Like any corporate blog, this blog will be one of several avenues where we will broadcast our lastest news and promotions with our clients. But, in addition to that, we aim to convey the warm, fun, and family-like personality of our company. Hopefully, you’ll see what I mean by that in the near future.

Now, a quick tour around the new layout. Along the top of the site are the categories and sub-catagories for all the entries on our blog. To only see entries from a particular category, simply click on that category! Along the right side you’ll find a search field to search for specific terms or phrases in our previous posts, an archive listed by date, as well as feed of our most recent posts on Twitter! Keep your eyes open for new features and enhancements as the site evolves.

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