13 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

“The Move” Could Let You Wear Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Would you like to wear your iPhone? No, I don’t mean storing it in one of those dorktastic belt-clip cases or wearing it as a lanyard. I literally mean wear it–embedded in your clothing! Well, a new prototype iPhone case/holder known simply as “The Move” could allow you to do just that.

“The Move” is a yet-to-be-released product that allows you to attach your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch anywhere on your clothing without the use of straps, clips, velcro, or magnets. It’s a concept difficult to describe using words alone, so check out this video from the inventors explaining how the product works and for some really cool examples of how it might be used.

As of now, the product is only a prototype and not available for immediate purchase. However, if this idea is something that intrigues you, check out The Move’s Kickstarter page. There you can get a detailed run-down of The Move’s features/uses and even pledge your own money to fund the project and help bring the product to the mass-market.

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25 March 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Play Words With Friends… With Us!

Words With Friends for iPhone & iPod Touch
Several of us here at BlueCotton are big fans of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The wide range of fun and useful apps are often a topic of conversation around the office. One app in particular that has really become a popular source for some friendly competition is Words With Friends.

If you’ve ever played the popular board game, Scrabbleâ„¢, then you already know how to play Words With Friends! That’s what it essentially is–a mobile, turn-based version of the casual crossword game. One really great thing about WWF is that you can have several games going at one time! I currently have 12 games going simultaneously. So, do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch? If so, play with us! Just download the app to your device, create a new game, and search by any or all of our usernames below!

If you start a game with one of us, let us know that you’re a BlueCotton customer. I must warn you, though. We are pretty competitive. We will not show you mercy!

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