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Tees in the News for the Last Week of August 2011

JC Penny Pulls “Sassy” Tee for Tween Girls

Yesterday, the women-focused entertainment blog, The Frisky, posted a brief piece calling out retailer JC Penny on a shirt targeting young girls. The shirt was printed with the statement, “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” Jessica Wakeman, the writer at The Frisky responsible for the post, expressed her disdain for the poor message being communicated by the shirt. Only hours later–after the post had been picked up by dozens of other news sites–JC Penny emailed a formal apology to The Frisky and notified the author that the t-shirt was being pulled from their stores and website immediately. You can read the original post here: Kill Me Now, Please: JC Penney’s “I’m Too Pretty To Do Homework” T-Shirt For Girls.

Credit Card Fraud Suspects Tracked-Down Using Logo on T-Shirt

Two New York men suspected of using a stolen credit card were tracked-down by detectives using surveillance footage. A logo on the back of the suspects’ t-shirts led the detectives to the shop where the shirts were printed. Once there, the employees of the shop were able to identify the shirts and where the gentlemen worked. You can read the full story here: APD: T-shirt logo leads detectives to two suspects with stolen credit card.

Hell’s Angels Slap Amazon with Lawsuit for Trademark Infringing T-Shirt

The infamous biker gang known as Hell’s Angels has filed a lawsuit against online retailer Amazon.com for trademark infringement. The shirt features the phrase “My boyfriend is a Hell’s Angel” and a winged symbol reminiscent of the actual Hell’s Angels logo. You can read the full article here: Hells Angels sue Amazon for selling T-shirt.

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25 August 2011 ~ 1 Comment

T-Shirt Tidbits Round-Up

I’m often scouring the web for some useful or interesting things involving t-shirts. Here’s a round-up of some great t-shirt related tidbits I was able to find this week.

Neo-Nazi Giveaway T-Shirts Reveal a Secret Message

A group in Germany called “Exit Deutschland” created and gave away t-shirts seemingly in support of Neo-Nazi ideals. However, a hidden message of change and tolerance was revealed after the t-shirts were washed. Check out the full article at Gizmodo.

Measure Up Your Beard with this Clever T-Shirt

The Beardly has created this fun and clever t-shirt (seen above). Where does your beard fall on a scale of “Manly” to “Beardly?”

The 10-Shot T-Shirt Cannon

I couple of months ago we shared how you could build your very own t-shirt cannon. Well, there’s always a bigger gun. Team 254 Robotics of Bellarmine College Prepatory of San Jose built this impressive 10-shot t-shirt cannon. You can read their full log of the build process on their website.

Former Threadless CTO Hired for Obama’s 2012 Campaign

Harper Reed, formerly of the popular “Threadless” t-shirt site, has joined Obama’s 2012 campaign as the Chief Technology Officer. Read the full article from the Chicago Tribune.

T-Shirt Uses Sound Waves to Power Smartphones

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