15 September 2011 ~ 1 Comment

T-Shirt Squad! [Video]

We’ve shown you how you can build your own, but are you aware of just how powerful a t-shirt cannon can be? Let the T-Shirt Squad show you! This team of elite operatives formed secretly by the government is a force to be reckoned with. Using the power of enthusiasm, team spirit, and awesome t-shirts, the T-Shirt Squad cannot only rile-up a crowd of thousands, but also conduct dangerous military operations. Video evidence is embedded below.

[NOTE: The following video contains some strong, censored language.]

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03 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Turn A Crew Neck into a V-Neck [Video]

A few months ago I shared a great video instructing ladies in how they could turn a shapeless unisex tee into something more-fitted and sexy.

In the same vein, YouTube user, withwendy, has created a very informative DIY video on how you can turn any standard crew neck tee into a stylish v-neck–a modification suitable for both men and women alike! As with some previous projects featured on the blog, some sewing skills are required. Check it out!

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02 June 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Turn Your Old Tees Into a Pillow Chair [Video]

Here’s yet another great project that makes use of your old t-shirts–a do-it-yourself pillow chair! This project comes to us from Tiffany Threadgould of RePlayGround and Becky Stern of Craftzine.com. You may remember Becky from a previous post back in April, “Hey, Ladies! Modify Those Shapeless, Unisex Tees Into Something More Flattering.

Check out the embedded video below for a step-by-step walk-through of how you can create your very own pillow chair from a dozen old t-shirts and some spare upholstery foam. Some sewing skills are required for this project, so keep that in mind before cutting up your old t-shirts! For a full list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete this project, check out this post on the craftzine blog.

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22 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Augmented Reality T-Shirts [Video]

Yelp's Augmented Reality ModeAugmented Reality (AR) is a fascinating technology that, put simply, alters your perception of the real-world with computer-generated images and sounds. If that doesn’t clearly explain the concept, don’t worry. AR is something better understood through demonstration. If you own a smartphone–such an iPhone–you can experience augmented reality through a variety of apps. For example, Yelp, an app that provides reviews of local restaurants and other businesses, features an AR mode using the iPhone camera. When activated, it uses your GPS and compass data to overlay the location of restaurants and other business on the camera image (see right).

Pretty neat, huh? Now AR technology is making it’s way to t-shirts in a variety of applications. The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) recently did a campaign in Russia featuring AR-enabled t-shirts that simulated the wearing getting shot. Why? To raise awareness of needless poaching of wild tigers. Check the video about the campaign:

Click here for more Augmented Reality T-Shirts…

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09 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Design Studio Tip: Grouping (Video)

Like most software programs, the BlueCotton Design Studio has some really cool and useful features that may not be obvious to the casual user. One such feature is grouping! Grouping allows you to select multiple objects at once, letting you scale and move those objects as a collective group. This is especially useful when you’ve got your design just how you want it, but maybe not exactly where you want it.

Using the grouping feature is pretty straight-forward. When in the Design Studio, simply click and drag the selection box around the objects you would like to manipulate as a group. Now, with the objects selected, you can move and resize them together just as if they were a single object! Check out the video below for a simple demonstration of how to use Design Studio grouping feature!

Want more tips for using the BlueCotton Design Studio? Be sure to read our previous entries regarding the Distressed Effect and our library of Design Ideas.

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18 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Video: BlueCotton Screen Print Shop

We’ve posted a new video on our YouTube channel. Take a look to see the BlueCotton screen printing department in action!

For more BlueCotton videos, check out our YouTube channel.

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