Fundraising Campaigns
Make money selling t-shirts
So easy! Set up your campaign, promote it to your social contacts, friends, school, church, club, etc. We handle payments, printing, and shipping, then mail you a check with your profits.
Start a Campaign
You design the products, choose your sales price and goal, and then add a description to your page to attract your customers. It’s a risk free way to make money.

Tell people about it
Get people to visit your campaign page by sharing the link and more about your story on facebook, instagram, twitter, or your blog. Keep sharing until your campaigns ends. Send your friends an email or ask them for help spreading the word.
Get paid
When your campaign ends, we will print, pack, and ship your shirts to you or your customers and mail you a check with your profits. (Paypal payment is also available.)
Learn even more...
How will the shirts ship to each customer?
The default setting for campaigns is for each shirt to ship directly to the individual buyers. The shirts are shipped using USPS First Class and are guaranteed to ship 10 business days from the campaign end date. If you would prefer to have all the shirts shipped to one location you can select your preference in step 2 of the order process.
What products are available?
Shop from the 100's of products available on our site. Once you finish your design you will be asked to select between placing an order or starting a campaign. We currently offer a few add-on styles inside the campaign including a long sleeve and tank top but if you do not find the product you looking for as an add-on you might want to consider starting a campaign for that product as well.
When will I receive my shirts?
All campaign orders are guaranteed to ship within 10 business days of the campaign end date. Shirts are then shipped using USPS First Class.
What if I don't meet my sales goal?
No problem! As long as the campaign funds (meaning that it makes one cent or more for the campaign creator) it will ship out as scheduled. If your campaign does not fund remember that you can always tweak your design, garments, pricing, dates, etc and try again. Campaigns are free so start as many as you like!
What if I exceed my sales goal?
That's awesome! The more you sell the more money you will make. You can always get an update on how the campaign is going by logging into your account and viewing your open campaigns. No matter how many shirts you sell we still guarantee the products to ship within 10 business days of the campaign completion date.