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Two is Always Better than One: 20 Awesome Pop-Culture Mashup T-Shirt Designs

How would I define “mashup?” To me, a mashup is created by taking two or more great things and combining them into one awesome thing! For example, what could result from the combination of the sci-fi epic film series, “Star Wars,” and the classic Sunday comic strip, “Calvin and Hobbes?” Here is one possibility:

Best Buddies

The word “mashup” is a term that has only gained mainstream popularity in the last decade or so. It is probably most well-known as a music term, describing songs that are comprised only from parts of other songs. These various parts of other songs are “mashed-up” to create an entirely new song. This practice has now extended well beyond just the realm of music, however, into graphic design.

Mashup t-shirts featuring a combination of two or more references to popular culture are showing up everywhere–especially in the “geek” culture. These unique t-shirts can be an awesome way to show off your love for multiple movies, television shows, or video games at the same time. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some my favorite pop-culture mashup t-shirt designs.

It's A Trap!
“It’s a trap!” (Star Wars + Ghostbusters)

Back to the Island
“Back to the Island” (Back to the Future + LOST)

Coco and Leno
“Coco and Leno-head” (Leno vs. Conan + Bevis & Butthead)

“BOOM” (Doom + The Evil Dead)

“GandAlf” (The Lord of the Rings + ALF)

The Master Chiefs
“The Chiefs” (Kansas City Chiefs + Halo)

The Hanburgler
“The Hanburgler” (Star Wars + McDonald’s)

Leia The Riveter
“Leia the Riveter” (Star Wars + Rosie the Riveter)

Joker Panda
“Why So Serious” (The Dark Knight + Pandas)

Pulp Sesame
“Pulp Sesame” (Pulp Fiction + Sesame Street)

The Shining Finger
“The Shining Finger” (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial + The Shining)

Twin Tatooine Suns
“Tatooine Suns” (Phoenix Suns + Star Wars)

Teen Wook
“Teen Wook” (Teen Wolf + Star Wars)

Thor Hammer Brothers
“Now That’s a Hammer, Bro…” (Thor + Super Mario Bros.)

Stormtrooper Watchmen
“Who Watches The Empire” (Watchmen + Star Wars)

Troy Story
“Troy Story” (Troy + Toy Story)

“ZOMBAMA” (President Obama + Zombies)

Tusken Raiders
“Tusken Pride” (Oakland Raiders + Star Wars)

Drama & Comedy
“Tragedy and Comedy” (V for Vendetta + Scream)

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