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Five Ways You Can Better Engage With Your Charity’s Donors


There’s a lot of noise on the web. You probably know that just as well as anyone. Every day, you’re bombarded with businesses and brands that want your attention – eventually, you tune out all but the ones that resonate with you the most.

So far, this sounds like a marketing issue that only faces businesses, right? Unfortunately, if you’re running a charitable organization, it’s just as much of a problem. No matter how noble or notable your cause, if you don’t know how to engage with your donors, both current and prospective, they’ll ultimately ignore you.

Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

Learn How To Tell A Story

The number one question you should ask yourself about every donor is why they should care about you. Why does your cause matter to them? Why should they give money to you, and not to some other charity?

The best way to answer that question is with a good story.

Don’t just tell people what your cause is – show them the impact that your cause has on the world. Interview people who benefit from your charity’s program. Talk to volunteers to find out why they’re working with you. Show that you’re more than another drain on the attention of your donors – that you get real results.

Focus On Your Cause – And Always Keep In Touch

In the same vein as our first point, don’t focus on your organization itself. Sure, it’s important that you have a clear brand, a consistent personality, and a good set of core values. But your cause is the most important thing of all.

Your messaging, whether on social media or on your website, should be focused on what you do, not who you are. People – especially millennials – don’t really care about the specifics. One charitable organization to them is ultimately the same as the next.

It’s the causes they rally behind, not the people.

Offer Flexible Methods of Contribution

We live in what I like to call a convenience culture. People today are used to having their needs catered to wherever they go. Meal delivery services ensure you can eat without ever leaving your home. Entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime deliver immediate, on-demand video wherever and whenever you desire.

It’s reached the point where it’s jarring if something is too inconvenient. That’s why when it comes to your donation options, you need to offer multiple platforms through which people can offer money to your cause. Don’t just allow people to charge their credit card on your site.

Let them pay through a mobile app. Let them use Paypal. Let them go to a physical location and put money in a donation box.

Moreover, show them that giving money isn’t the only way to contribute. Show them they can help out in other ways, such as through volunteering.

Take A Look At Your Website

Your website is sort of like an online resume for your organization. A well-designed one will bring in donations and reflect well on your charity. Consequently, a site that’s ugly or difficult to navigate will drive donors away as surely as anything else.

Make sure your design is simple, consistent, and easy to navigate. Make sure you have a domain name that’s memorable and relevant to your cause. Consistently update your site with original content.

Basically, do everything you can to make it easy for people to learn about – and donate to – your charity through its online portal.

Encourage People To Spread The Word

Last but certainly not least, allow buyers to leave a comment or brief message on your site when they donate. Show videos and images of successful campaigns. Thank people for their donations, and encourage them to bring in friends and family to help out, as well.

Fight For A Good Cause

Even in an era of constant noise, engaging your donors need not be difficult. Follow the advice outlined here, and you should have no trouble raising money for your cause. After all, everyone likes to help – you just need to give them the opportunity to do so.

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