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Fall Fad: 15 Custom-Printed T-Shirt Ideas For Autumn


Vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Cool breezes and cloudy evenings. Candy, costumes, and pumpkins.

Autumn is probably one of the most beautiful seasons of all. And the weather’s more or less perfect. Cool enough that we can go outside without turning into a sweat-soaked mess, but not so cold that we have to bundle ourselves in several pounds of clothing.

Basically, it’s pretty great. Why not join us in celebrating our love for this time of year with a custom-printed shirt or two? Here are a few of our favorite designs, pulled from all corners of the Internet.

Nab one of those, if you like – or use them as inspiration to build your own in our powerful design studio.  

1. A Rocky Start

We’ve all been Charlie Brown at one time or another.

2. The Best Way To Be

But creepy like a ghost or a vampire. Not like some greasy dude at the bar.

3. The Spirit Tree

Sometimes, a simple, understated design like this one says everything you need it to.

4. We All Know What Time Of Year It Is

But that just leaves us with one question: has pumpkin spice gone too far?

5. Fall With A Drawl

This one’s a classic – and who doesn’t want to wish everyone a great fall?

6. Hipster Pumpkin

Because what better way to enjoy pumpkin spice season than by admitting hipsters made it happen?

7. Get Your Broomsticks Ready


There’s some witchy business afoot.

8. A Fun Play On Words

Really not much to say here – after all, what else are you going to do on Halloween?

9. A Little Risque

It took us longer than we’d like to admit to figure out why those pumpkins are smiling.

10. A Throwback To An Incredible Classic

Have you seen the movie Hocus Pocus? If not, do yourself a favor – watch it this year.

11. It’ll Be Unforgettable

Maybe you’ll even see The Great Pumpkin there.

12. Pumpkin Everything

Hey, it’s what Autumn has become. Search your feelings – you know it to be true.

13. Honesty Is Important

There are two kinds of people – those who like pumpkin pie, and those who are wrong.

14. Halloween Friends

This one was just too adorable not to include.

15. Autumn Tree

We’ll leave off with one that’s both simple and pretty to look at – just like a tree during an Autumn morning.

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