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Ten Amazing Cat T-Shirts To Wear As You Celebrate The “Mew” Year


First dreamt up in 2016 by Tom and Ruth Roy, Mew Years Day is a rather bizarre holiday (and we’re not really sure we can call it that) dedicated, unsurprisingly, to our fine feline friends. A day when cat lovers all over the world are called on to celebrate their pets a little more than usual. A day that may well have the punniest name we’ve ever heard.

A day based on such an odd concept, we absolutely have to celebrate it this year. That’s why, as we often do, we set out on the web to cobble together a few of our favorite cat T-shirts. Have a look through them, and see if you can find one that perfectly summarizes your relationship with your own fur baby.

And if you can’t find one that’s a good fit, feel free to pop over to our design studio to make your own.

1.  Off To A Good Start

That’s really not a bad New Year’s Resolution to have at all. After all, everyone could do with petting a few more cats. A day. For the rest of their lives.

2. One For The Clever Kittens

Though that said, it seems to be a pretty common discipline amongst cats. Maybe more of them should consider branching out into new fields?

3. Just Need A Bit Of Calm

To be fair, cats get stressed out about some of the most bizarre things. Sometimes it’s an absolute mystery how they think.

4. Dapper

We call this one “the mad catter.” We’re not sorry.

5. Happy Kitten

Pretty much what’s written on the box. Not a whole lot else to say about this one, other than how adorable it is.

6. Another Pun To Rattle Your Bones

And a classic, at that!

7. The Anatomy Of A Cat

A happy cat, at least. We don’t see any murderous intent on this shirt, so we’ve gotta wonder how much the creator interacted with real felines.

8. It’s True, You Know

You learned something today!

9. Every Cat Owner Knows The Struggle

If you’ve got a cat, we guarantee you’ve woken up to something like this at least once. Because when a cat wants your attention, they want it now. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are – they’re more important, didn’t you know?

10. A Cause Everyone Can Get Behind

Virtually no one in the world actually likes being catcalled. But most people like cats. Or at least tolerate them – which still makes them better than the alternative.

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