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Fifteen Great Weightlifting Shirts For Showing off Your Gains


Hitting the gym can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do – but the results are well worth it. Flab transforms to abs. Sticks to strength. Fat to muscle. And sure, there are people who’ll make fun of you for spending so much time pumping iron, but they just don’t get it, do they?

Here’s a thought, though. While you’re at the gym – or even once you’re done – why not pick up a shirt or two to commemorate how far you’ve come? We’ll show you a few designs that’ll hopefully inspire you, then you can hop over to our Design Studio to create something of your own!

Go Heavy or Go Home by Dominored

Go heavy weightlifting shirt design

You aren’t here to work up a tiny sweat and then whine that your weights are too heavy. You’re here to push yourself to the limit.

Dost Thou Even Hoist by THAT T SHIRT CRAY

Do You Even Lift Meme Medieval Shirt

A nice medieval twist on a classic meme – perfect for trash talking while you’re at the gym.

Live Love Lift by gyenayme

Eat Love Pray Weightlifting

Because Eat, Love, Pray is for women who don’t care about their gains.

In The Gym by DoYouEven

In The Gym Funny Weightlifting Shirt

Because everyone have priorities – and some people would rather seek muscles than romance.

Big Guns Dinosaur by GrizzlyGaz

T Rex Weightlifting Shirt

Because not every Tyrannosaurus had spindly little baby arms.

Arm & Hammer by Silverorlead

Arm & Hammer Weightlifting Shirt

I mean, let’s be honest, the Arm & Hammer guy is probably ripped.

It’s Only Easy If You’re Doing It Wrong by tryumphathletic

Doing it wrong slogan weightlifting shirt

Truer words were never spoken.

Buns of Steel by the950

Buns of Steel weightlifting shirt

If even your rabbit’s getting swole, you’ve got no excuse not to.

May The Gains Be With You by brogressproject

Gains Star Wars Weightlifting Shirt

Be strong in the flex, and forget not your reps.

Iron Sharpens Iron by Big Bad Wolf

Iron Sharpens Iron Weightlifting Shirt

Sometimes, the bible is really applicable. This is one of those times.

99 Problems by Workout

99 Problems Weightlifting T-Shirt

Hey, we’ve all got plenty of problems – but at least yours doesn’t include a lack of workout gear.

Olde Time Strong by 808blue

Olde Time Strong Graphic Weightlifting Shirt

Who doesn’t wanna be an old-timey strongman (or woman)?

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day by THAT T SHIRT CRAY

Don’t Skip Leg Day Graphic Shirt

If you’re truly a friend, you’ll make sure everyone does leg day.

Evolution of Lifts by Judith-M83

Evolution of Lifts Weightlifting Shirt

Because lifting is as essential to being human as evolution.

Gainzilla by isaacvazquez

Gainzilla Graphic Shirt

Gainzilla, the patron saint of gains.

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