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20 Best T-Shirts For Math Geeks


Personally, we’ve never been much for mathematics – but we’ve got nothing but respect for the people who live and breathe by the numbers. And you should, too. Math’s hard work, and it’s the foundation of a lot of our society’s science and technology.

Why not offer the math geeks in your life a bit of recognition with a custom shirt or two? Here are a few designs they might like. And even if you don’t see one here that you think’s a good fit, you can hop over to our design studio to create one of your own.

1. In The Beginning….

Seems like a pretty fitting shirt to put as our first entry – a few equations that kicked off the start of all things.

2.  As Long As They Aren’t A Square

Then again, imaginary friends tend to be pretty negative most of the time – always with the disappearing act.

3. Riemann’s Frustration

Some people enjoy complex functions and differentials. We secretly suspect them to be robots.  

4. But Can You Prove That Statement Mathematically?

Mathematicians can be a bit insufferable at times. For them, everything always seems to come down to calculations.

5. He Really Needs To Move On

We’ve all had that one friend. Those of us who haven’t probably were that friend.

6. A Tempting Offer

There’s a word for the kind of person who’d turn down a good pie: wrong.

7. Just One More Slice

This is the last Pi joke. We promise.

8. No Tears. Only Terms

Hey, we get it. Numbers are scary.

9. In Math, You Can Either Fight The Way Things Are, Or Accept Them  

Some people just have a gift for numbers. The equations speak to them. We can’t help but be a little jealous.

10. See? Easy!  

This shirt’s exponentially funnier if you understand the joke.

11. A Pleasing Sequence

We’re not sure if Fibonacci himself would be proud, confused, or concerned. Let’s go with the first one.

12. The Most Important Equation Of All

Calculus – Caffeine = Pain.  

13. A Play On Numbers

We like to think this one more or less speaks for itself.

14. A Spooky System  

Know the difference. It could save your life. Probably.

15. Finding The Right Angle

It’s easier than you’d think. You just have to know where to look.

16. Technically True – The Best Kind

Most people with a head for numbers have pretty technical minds. We think this shirt is one they could very easily appreciate.

17. REALLY Real

18. It’s A Legitimate Sport

We’re not even being sarcastic. If video games can be a sport, who’s to say competitive calculus can’t be one, too?

19. An Exact Function

Always better to get right to the point – and be specific in the process.

20. Freedom

For all those out there who are fans of thermodynamics, this one’s for you.


And there you have it. Design ideas, inside jokes, and cool concepts to get the juices flowing. Now, get over to the design studio and throw something together for yourself – something the math geek in your life will absolutely love.

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