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45 Funny Shirt Designs & Sayings For Men And Women


Thinking of designing your own shirts in our design studio, and looking for some inspiration? Take a look at some of the funniest shirts out there, made by some of our favorite designers.

Great Graphic Tees

For Everybody

Link blowing into Nintendo game cartridge

Cartridge of Time by Naolito (Nacho Diaz)

If you’re a child of the 90s, then you can relate.

Spongebob and Patrick as Jay and Silent Bob

Pat and Silent Bob by Ideas Con Patatas

They’ve got something that’ll turn your frowns upside down – imagination!

Golf ball at edge of hole on T shirt

I’d Tap That by IceCreamTees

Who wouldn’t?

Yellow M&M with a peanut as a chestburster

Alien: Peanut Inside by IdeasConPatatas

It’s exactly like I remember it in the movie!

Link as the winner of a contest against Jesse and Heisenberg, holding a blue rupee

Link’s Purest Blue Stuff by IdeasConPatatas

Sorry, Walt. Link’s the one who knocks now.

Guys Only

With great beard comes great responsibility

With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility by Swagfresher

Never underestimate the power of a well-trimmed beard.

Wing Man Funny Top Gun T Shirt

Wing Man by Swagfresher

For The Ladies

Relationship status: picture of Nutella jar

Relationship Status: Nutella by Swagfresher

To be fair, Nutella does make a pretty compelling case for a relationship.

Stack of cute macarons, top one saying “bite me” with pleasant smile, bottom ones looking depressed

Bite Me by nanlawson

Straight to the point. Something to be said for that.

(Psst. This one’s not actually even a shirt, but we liked the design so much we had to include it in our list.)

Couples Clothing

Couple shirts. Man’s: The man behind the pumpkin. Woman’s: On her abdomen: My little pumpkin

Pumpkins by Maternity Tees

The father might want to consider having a word with Jack Skellington…

Han Solo: I’m with the princess. Princess Leia: I’m with scruffy lookin

Princess And Scruffy Lookin’ by EmpireGuys

When we asked EmpireGuys about the inspiration behind the shirt, they said “All of our t-shirt designs were created/imagined by our family and our lifelong love of the Star Wars universe. We were all sitting watching the the Empire Strikes Back, and when Princess Leia told Han Solo he was a Scruffy Lookin Nerf Herder, my wife looked at me and said ‘You have to make that shirt.’”

New Fathers

Symbolic image of dad changing diaper, similar to construction sign. Words: Caution! Dad at work.

Caution! Dad at Work! by MassAppeals

He could start crying at any moment.

Dad, king of the remote control.

Dad, King Of The Remote Control by MassAppeals

His wife just lets him think he is.

Expecting Moms

Image of fishing pole coming out of crib: Daddy’s getting a new fishing buddy

New Fishing Buddy by PinkInkArt

It’s just as well. He was getting pretty sick of Larry.

Picture of curled up baby mummy on abdomen of maternity shirt

Mummy To Be by Vice Voices

Just keep it under wraps, am I right guys? Guys? “Under wraps.” Guys?

Entertaining Sayings & Slogans

Laughs For Everyone

Of course I’m right. I’m Bob.

Of Course I’m Right. I’m Bob by Mcgags

Bob knows the importance of always believing in yourself.

“The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re not always accurate.” - Abraham Lincoln

The Problem With Quotes On The Internet by I Am Tee

Honest Abe’s a pretty wise guy.

Sarcasm: the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it

Sarcasm by Epicdelusion

The best thing about being a narcissist? ME

The Best Thing About Being A Narcissist by UncensoredShirts

Another shirt for the Bobs in our lives.

Side-Splitting Slogans

Your planet sucks

Your Planet Sucks by Flunklife

For people who are out of this world.

Boring is best

Boring is Best by Stay Home Club

Excitement kills. Haven’t you ever seen an action movie?


Some Crappy Band by Futbolkuz

I think I’ve heard of them. Didn’t they write “some awful song?”

Ask me about my cat

Ask me about my dog

Ask Me About My Cat/Ask Me About My Dog by Stay Home Club

Which one fits you?

Jokes for Guys

I'm still in beta

I’m Still In Beta by IceCreamTees

Testers wanted…?

I wish I was Felicia, she's always going somewhere

I Wish I Was Felicia by SubatomicTees

whiskey is my spirit animal

Whiskey Is My Spirit Animal by threadedtees

When we mentioned this blog post, threadedtees said “Thank you so much for including my design in your article. I think this is such a fun shirt for whiskey lovers out there. It always gets a good laugh.” We certainly did.

Jokes for Gals

Sorry, I'm saving myself for a time-lord.

Saving Myself For A Time Lord by StyleURShirt

It’s anyone’s guess when he’ll show up, though.

I'm not short, I'm fun size

Fun Size by VinylWorks4u

Happy, Quirky Couples

Man's: I'm under your spell. Woman's: I'm not a witch, I'm your wife

Under Your Spell by StatementTshirts

Sorceress then?

both partner's shirts: "We are hoping it's a dinosaur"

We Are Hoping It’s A Dinosaur by Tshirts University

By the time they’re a toddler, you won’t know the difference.

For The Fearless Father

You can't scare me. I have two daughters.

I have two daughters by Josh Jenkins

For those men who’ve gazed into the abyss, and had the abyss gaze back.

For A Groovy Mom

on chest: me. on abdomen: mini me

Me and Mini Me by TeeStyles

Will the child be evil and want to take over the world, though? I have it on good authority that that’s important.

Jokes and Puns

General-Purpose Comedy

never trust an atom. they make up everything

Never Trust an Atom by Ginger Virga

And the electrons they hang out with are always so negative.

bacteria: it's the only culture some people have

Bacteria Is The Only Culture Some People Have by Ginger Virga

But they DO have plenty of it.

chocolate rabbit with butt bitten off: My butt hurts. chocolate rabbit with ears bitten off: what?

Chocolate Rabbits by 9dollartshirts

That bites…

grim reaper sneaking up behind reading man and putting hands over his eyes: "Guess who?"

Guess Who? by RadioMode

Jerry? Is that you?

anthropomorphized old wall telephone with glasses and walker says "Hello?"

Gramma Phone by Philip Tseng

periodic table entry 109: Ah. The element of surprise.

The Element of Surprise by ScorpioPegasus

The prankster’s element.

For Guys At The Gym

Workout tanktop. "I belong behind bars" followed by lifting weights.

I Belong Behind Bars by KTeesDesigns

It’s criminal that more people don’t work out.

For Wine Connoisseurs

wine improves with age. the older I get, the better I like it.

Wine Improves with Age by BikkiD

For The Couple That Drinks Together And Stays Together

Shirts resembling "thing 1" and "thing 2" from "The Cat In The Hat." Shirts say "Drunk 1" and "Drunk 2"

Drunk 1 and Drunk 2 by icustomfit

Once they were fired by The Cat In The Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 went down a pretty dark road.

Jokes For The Beleaguered Dad

She's eating for 2. I'm drinking for 3.

Eating for Two, Drinking for Three by Luis Gabriel Homocianu

Somebody’s gotta take a few shorts for the team, right?

Image like construction sign of dad changing diaper. Reads: GAME OVER.

Game Over by Mass Appeals

That’s it. Roll credits. We’re done.

Jibs For The Jokester Mom

on abdomen: "He did it" with arrow pointing to the side

He Did It by StoykoTs

on abdomen, reads: LOOK WHAT DADDY DID!

Look What Daddy Did! by Anabellstar

His parents must be so proud.

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