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Seven Hilarious Workout Shirts Perfect For Hitting The Gym


We’re one of the most sedentary societies in history, and it shows. Most of you can probably count on one hand the number of times you’ve gotten out of your chair and got your blood flowing in the past week. That needs to change, and fast.

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to commit to that workout, why not order yourself a nifty shirt to bring along? The opportunity to wear a cool design – either one you’ve found online or one of your own making – could be just the push you need to get up and get pumping. We’ll even get you started, with a few awesome ideas we’ve found on the web.

Back For More by TeeHeeHee Shirt

Back For More

This one’s perfect for those of you who are just getting started – because if you aren’t at least a little sore from your workouts, you aren’t doing it right.

Gym, Wine, Awkward by Because Fitness

Gym, Wine, Awkward

A tank top that tells it like it is. After all, no matter how many muscles you have, they won’t let you forget all those times you waved enthusiastically at people you didn’t actually know.

Everything Hurts by Fiercely You Clothing

I’m Dying Workout Shirt Slogan

Another neat design for all you first-time gym-goers.

Oh My Quad by Funny Workout Shirts

Oh My Quad Song Reference Shirt

You’re gonna be doing some pretty impressive squats in this shirt – just imagine how you’ll look when you’re done.

T Rex hates Pushups by JackWagonTees

T-Rex Pushups T-Shirt

I mean, look at his arms. Are you really surprised?

Cardio is Hardio by TeeRifficDesigns

Cardio is Hardio Funny Workout Saying

Isn’t it though?

Squats? By Activate Apparel

Squats Shots Funny Workout Shirt

I imagine it’s a pretty common misunderstanding, actually.

Those are some pretty great designs, aren’t they? Why not try to throw together one of your own in BlueCotton’s powerful Design Studio?

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