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The 15 Best T-Shirt Designs For Coders


Long hours hammering away at a keyboard. Copious amounts of caffeine that would probably render a normal man a jittery mess. Hours spent waiting for code to compile, or ferreting out that rogue character that’s causing the entire program to fall apart.

The life of a programmer isn’t glorious or grand. It involves a lot of drudgery, and very little appreciation. But it also involves a whole lot of passion – and we know you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Why not share a bit of that passion with one of these shirts? They’re designed for coders, by coders.  Once you’ve had a look, why not see if you’re inspired enough to whip up one of your own in our design studio?

They’ve Already Seen Everything

You Can’t Scare The Java Developer

Given some of the stuff java devs have witnessed, it’s impossible to even shock them anymore. Trust us on that.

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.

Eat Sleep Code

It’s a cycle we’re certain you’re intimately familiar with (and probably one you wish you could break free of, as well).

What Makes A Developer?

Software Engineer


Beer, multitasking, problems, and coffee, all with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Show us a programmer who doesn’t have those ingredients in one measure or another.

Fill In The Blank

Binary Curse


It’s probably better that you don’t tell anyone who’s not a fellow coder what this one means.

Always Does

It Works On My Machine

We both know the end user’s probably doing something wrong, even though they’d never admit it.


I Code, Therefore I Am


How do you define yourself? If you’re anything like most of your peers, probably through your code, right?


Give Me A <br/>

A little pun we can all appreciate.

Caffeine Not Found

Error 404, brb Coffee

We’ve all been there.

It’s Really Not

You Say Introvert Like It’s A Bad Thing

We’re certain there are charismatic, gregarious, larger than life people in the programming field. But for most of us, there’s no better companion than a hot cup of joe and the gentle glow of our screen.

They’re More Similar Than You’d Think

Programming Is Like Sex

Though it’s probably easier to hit backspace on your coding mistakes.

Bad Vision

Java Programmers Wear Glasses Because…

A nice little spin on our first entry – and no less true for it.


6 Stages of Debugging

Look, here’s the thing. If we don’t collectively learn to laugh at our debugging woes, we’ll probably just end up crying.

Sadly, That’s How It Actually Works

Bugs In The Code

How much do you want to bet that at least 50 of those bugs are caused by a single misplaced apostrophe?

Only Programmers Will Get The Joke

Two Types of People

And in most cases, we’d rather not deal with either.

A Familiar Struggle


A programmer’s life really just boils down to staying one step ahead of a series of looming deadlines.


15 More Awesome T-Shirt Designs For Coders

There’s no shortage of inside jokes in the programming community – and no shortage of awesome T shirts that pay homage to those jokes. We’ve compiled a few more of our favorites here. Let us know what you think!

Coding is a tough job. But someone’s gotta do it. Might as well be you – after all, you’re passionate enough that you’ve made it into your career, right?   

Mind you, there’s no reason you can’t share the pain with some of your peers. Toss a few inside jokes out there, maybe emblazon them on a shirt or two. Speaking of that, we’ve compiled a few more designs we think might be just the ticket for all you coders out there.

Have a look, and consider putting something together in our design studio, too!

Code, Not Words

I’m a programmar

Let’s be real. Most of us don’t code because we’re skilled wordsmiths. Our talents lie elsewhere – and it’s good to acknowledge that.

But What?

I’m Here Because You Broke Something

Being a programmer has a lot more in common with being a handyman than most people realize.


Hip Hip Array

The feeling you get when your code compiles and everything works as intended (it’s rare, we know).


I Need The Source Code

Don’t deny it – programmers these days have a lot of power.

The Tree of Code

Programmer Tree

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but still rather neat, no?

Seriously. Don’t.

Do Not Disturb

How many of you have wished you could actually do this to an ignorant boss/co-worker/colleague? Be honest.

Having Faith

Software Development=Church Development

…And sometimes they get about the same results.

Memory Errors?


Make no mistake, you’ve got a mind like a steel trap. It just needs some time to load, is all.

Code Away

Code Like A Girl

Because it’s 2018 – programming isn’t just for guys anymore.

You’re Probably Sick of Saying It

I’m Not Slacking Off

For people who don’t understand how coding works, a lot of what we do can seem like laziness. And maybe it is – but not in the way they think.

A Friendly Reminder

Change Your Password

….We all know our end users still won’t.


Programmer Needs Coffee

Most of us tend to run on coffee and spite, after all.

Sounds Painful

Package Manager

Most users probably won’t understand what that means. But it sounds ominous enough that maybe they’ll leave our code alone, right? We can always hope, can’t we?

Simple Instructions

Empty Mug

If only it were possible to code a robot to do exactly this.

Just Point

Wheel of Answers

Maybe it’s not just for coders, but it’s still a hand thing to have, no?


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