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99 Best Friend Hoodies and Sweaters


There are few things more precious than a best friend. They’re the person we share everything with – the ups and downs, the highs and lows. The joys and tragedies of our lives are theirs as much as ours.

What better way to commemorate that friendship than with a pair of awesome, custom-made sweaters?

We’ve compiled a few of the best friendship-styled sweater designs we’ve seen online here to get you started. Have a look, and see if any of the examples below inspire you. If you see something that gets the creative juices flowing, why not step into our design studio and create something of your own? Take a look at our selection of hoodies and sweaters and print onto them with your own designs.


via Etsy

Blonde Best Friend and Brunette Best Friend Sweaters

Watch Me

via Etsy

Watch Me Whip Watch Me Nae Nae Sweaters

Best Friends

via Wanelo

Best Friend Half Heart Sweaters

Cats Are My Best Friends

via Teespring

"cats are my best friends" sweater, with drawing of smiling cat

 A slightly different take on the best friend theme.

The Mean One

via SwaGirls

Sweater says "I'm the mean one"

Part one of the trifecta.

The Annoying One

via SwaGirls

Sweater says "I'm the annoying one"

Part two.

The Cute One

via SwaGirls

sweater says "I'm the cute one"

Who’s the lucky one who gets to wear this one?

She’s My BFF

via Etsy

matching sweatshirts: "she's my Harry," and "she's my Louis"

Rock and Rule

via Wanelo

matching sweaters. "you rock!" with picture of ruler, and "you rule" with picture of rock

The jpeg is strong with this one, but the friendship is stronger.

Fried Bacon

via WeHeartIt

matching sweaters. Picture of bacon with "don't go bacon my heart" and picture of egg with "I couldn't if I fried"

Every Tall Needs A Small

via WeHeartIt

matching sweaters. picture of short girl with "every tall needs a small." Picture of tall girl with "every small needs a tall."

My BFF Is A Dinosaur

via SilkFred

sweater with picture of raptor "my best friend is a dinosuar"

Another alternative take on the theme.

Cake and Ice Cream

via WeHeartIt

matching sweaters, one with cake, one with ice cream, each says "besties"

Mustard And Hot Dog

via CafePress

sweater: mustard bottle and hot dog, "something tells me we're gonna be BFF"

Couldn’t Handle Us As Sisters

via Amazon

matching sweaters say "God made us best friends because He knew our moms couldn't handle us as sisters"


via Etsy

matching sweaters "blonde best friend" and "brunette best friend"

Another take on the blonde and brunette best friends shtick.

BFF, with Flowers

via CafePress

BFF, surrounded with flowers

“I swear I’m only wearing it ironically.”

Wok and Roll

via Etsy

matching sweaters: "let's wok" with picture of fortune cookie, and "let's roll" with picture of two sushi rolls

Me and You

via SwaGirls

puzzle piece with word "me" on it

puzzle piece with word "you" on it

Matching Knitted Sweaters

via The Wooden Soldier

Matching Knitted Christmas Sweaters

Cookie and Coffee

via RedBubble

coffee bean and cookie holding hands, with text "BFF"

Eggs and Bacon

via Wanelo

matching hoodies. Drawing of fried egg: "Best." Drawing of bacon: "Friends."

I’ve seen these two together somewhere before…

I Like My Best Friend

via Society 6

sweater with two dogs. "I like my best friend."

Most Awesome Best Friend

via CafePress

World’s Most Awesome Best Friend Sweater

Up To No Good

via CustomizedGirl

matching sweaters. "We solemnly swear that," on one, and "we are up to no good" on the other.

Naughty and Nice

via AliExpress

matching sweaters. Both say "verified by Santa," one says "naughty," the other says "nice"


via CustomizedGirl

sweater says "Sisters by chance, friends b choice, forever and ever"

You’ve Met Thing 1 and Thing 2, I assume?

via Etsy

Cat In The Hat parody matching sweaters, "Bitch 1" and "Bitch 2"


via Etsy

matching sweaters, one says "trouble" the other says "makers"

Best Friend Stick Figures

via CafePress

stick figures holding hands "Best Friends"

Unbiological Sisters

via eBay

Matching sweaters, both say "She's my unbiological sister" with arrows pointing toward each other

Peanut Butter and Jelly

via CafePress

peanut butter and jelly holding hands. "Something tells me we're gonna be best friends forever."

Nutella and Bread

via SwaGirls

sweater says "If you're Nutella"


Cheese to my Macaroni

via Amazon

matching sweaters. One says "You are the cheese," the other says "To my macaroni"

Cat Dog

via SwaGirls

Matching sweater of "Cat" from Nickelodeon show "CatDog"

matching sweater: "Dog" from Nickelodeon show "CatDog"

Who Needs A Boyfriend?

via SwaGirls

Sweater: "Who needs a boyfriend? I've got my girlfriends." Girlfriends in pink, with heart.

Naughty and Nice Take Two

via Etsy

Matching sweaters. "Merry Xmax, she's nice" points to other sweater that says "merry Xmas she's naughty"

Too Lazy To Find New Friends

via RedBubble

Sweater: "I know we will be best friends forever. We're too lazy to find new friends."


via WhereToGet

Sweater, dictionary parody. "sis.ter: (sis.ter) n. 1. A best friend for life. 2. Player of dress up. 3. Teller of stories in the dark. 4. Keeper of secrets."

If you can’t read it, it says:

“sis.ter: (sis.ter) n. 1. A best friend for life. 2. Player of dress up. 3. Teller of stories in the dark. 4. Keeper of secrets.”

Patrick and Spongebob

via SwaGirls

Matching sweater. Patrick from Sponge Bob. "Knowledge cannot replace friendship"

Matching sweater. Sponge Bob. "I'd rather be an idiot than lose you."

Friends Forever, Boys Whatever

via eBay

Sweater says "Friends forever. Boys whatever."


via Rad

Sweater back says "I Am BFF"

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

via Skreened

Sweater says "I love my best friend like a fat kid love cake."

Disney BFFs

via Etsy

Matching sweaters point toward each other and say "She's my best friend."

Keep Calm And Love BBF

via Wanelo

Sweater says "Keep calm and love BBF (Brunette best friend)"

Going meta.

Milk and Cookies

via CafePress

Milk and cookies. "BFF"

Chillaxin With My Peeps

via CafePress

3 birds. "Chillaxin with my peeps"

The Awkward Stir Crazy One

via Skreened

sweater says "BFF - (The AWKWARD one most would consider stir CRAZY apart from you!)"

Oddly specific? Wait ’til you see its counterpart.

The Pessimistic Not Always Sober One

via Skreened

Sweater says "BFF - (The unashamedly pessimistic one that you'd do well NOT to shake a stick at, but is thankfully NOT always sober.)"


via Etsy

Cat In The Hat parody sweaters say "Thing 1," Thing 2," etc.

She Is My Best Friend

via Etsy

Sweaters point to each other and say "She is my BEST FRIEND"

Red and Green

via Yo Yo Melody

matching knitted sweater

matching knit sweater

BFF Owls

via CafePress

owls sharing branch: "BFF"

Queen and Princess

via AliExpress

matching sweaters with crowns. "BFF drama queen." "BFF princess."

Because Everyone Else Sucks!

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "We are best friends because everyone else sucks!"

Friendship isn’t just for friendly people.

Coke and Cherry Coke

via AliExpress

Sweater. Coke and Cherry Coke cans with hands around shoulders. "Best Friends With A Cherry On Top."

Every Brunette Needs A Blonde (?)

via Etsy

Matching sweaters. One says "Every brunette needs..." the other says "...a blonde best friend"

The tone of these shirts changes a bit depending on whether you assume the brunette or the blonde bought them…

Crazy Friends

via Etsy

Matching shirts point at each other. First says "BFF She things I'm crazy." Other says "I KNOW she's crazy."

The Family You Choose

via CafePress

sweater says "bestfriends are the family you choose for yourself"

I Adopted My Best Friend

via CafePress

sweater says "I adopted my bestfriend"

Friends 04 Ever

via Etsy

Sweater with sports jersey look says "Friends 04 ever"

No Way She Woke Up Like That

via Etsy

matching sweaters say "I woke up like this," and "there's no way she woke up like that."


via Fresh-Tops

Matching sweaters say "She's my Serena" and "She's my Blair"


via Society 6

sweater with drawings of dog and cat says "FRIEND"

Like Cookies and Milk

via SwaGirls

sweater says "We go together like..." followed by picture of cookie and milk with heart

Friendship Levels

via CafePress

sweater says "My friendship comes in 3 levels: sarcasm, insults, inappropriate sexual humor."

Warning: going from this sweater to the next one might give you whiplash.

God Gave Me You

via CafePress

Sweater says "When I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden. When I asked God for a friend, he gave me you."

Told ya.

Mild and Wild

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "mild one" and "wild one"

Friend To All Cats

via CafePress


Better not get on his bad side.

Friend To All Dogs

via CafePress

Sweater says "The entire dog population is my best friend."

That includes wolves too, doesn’t it?

I Love My Best Friend

via CafePress

sweater says "I heart my bestfriend"

Got Your Back!

Via RedBubble

sweater says "I got your back." One stick figure removed the other stick figure's back.

Brunettes and Blondes, at it Again

via Etsy

matching sweaters say "blondes have more fun" and "brunettes do it better"


via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "tweetle dee," "tweetle dum," and "tweetle dummer"

Oldies but Goodies

via SwaGirls

sweater with image of Sponge Bob

hoodie of Patrick from Sponge Bob

Best Friends

via Etsy

Matching sweaters "Best friends" in attractive typography

Never Let You Sink

via Etsy

matching sweaters with anchor say "I will never" and "let you sink"

Cheesy Besties

via Customized Girl

Matching sweaters. Macaroni says "this might sound cheesy but..." matching sweater with wedge of cheese says "...we were made for each other."

Burger and Fries

via Amazon

Matching sweaters. Picture of hamburger: "best." Picture of fries: "friends."

BFF Sisters

via Amazon

matching sweaters both say "sisters" with "bff" crossed out

Olaf and Sven

via Wanelo

Matching Disney Frozen sweaters. One says "Best" with Olaf, the other says "Friends" with Sven

Partners In Crime (Cuffs)

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "Partners in crime" with pair of handcuffs.

Three Best Friends

via Wanelo

three matching sweaters say "we are best friends," with center sweater pointing at the other two

Why Aren’t We Comedians?

via Redbubble

Sweater says "Sometimes I look at my best friend and wonder why we're not comedians"

Freak and Weirdo

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "I'm a freak, she's a weirdo. Together we're freaking weird and we love it." And vice versa.

A Girl’s Real Best Friend

via Redbubble

sweatshirt says "Pizza is a girl's best friend." Pizza slices arranged to look like a diamond.

Partners in Crime

via Etsy

Matching sweaters with handguns pointed at each other. "Partners in crime.'


via Wanelo

Matching sweaters with Despicable Me minions. One says "best" the other "friend"

Mustache Friends

via Polyvore

matching outfits with "I heart mustache" sweaters

Big Spoon/Little Spoon

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "big spoon" and "little spoon"

Forever Alone Together

via Etsy

sweater says "forever alone together" surrounded by heart

Player 1 & 2

via Etsy

Matching sweaters say "player 1" and "player 2"

Sista From Anotha Mista

via Wanelo

Matching sweaters say "Sista from anotha mista"

Short One & Tall One

via WhereToGet

matching sweaters labelled "short one" and "tall one"

Batman & Robin

via eBay

batman sweater

Robin sweater

No fighting over who gets to be Batman.

Hakuna Matata

via Customized Girl

matching sweaters, one says "ha ku na" the other says "ma ta ta'

Zombie Apocalypse Partners

via Spreadshirt

Sweater says "Zombie apocalypse partners" with two axes

Yin and Yang

via Etsy

Matching sweaters one with Yin symbol, other with Yang symbol

To Infinity and Beyond

via Pinterest

matching sweaters say "to infinity and beyond"

Inspired? Why not design your own?

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