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Ten Calvin & Hobbes T-Shirt Mashups [T-Shirt Memes]

Calvin & Hobbes in wagonIn one of my previous posts, I compiled a list of 20 Awesome Pop-Culture Mashup T-Shirt Designs. In that post, one of featured designs was a mashup of the iconic “Calvin & Hobbes” wagon image (see right) and “Star Wars.” It featured Han Solo and Chewbacca in a toy Millennium Falcon in the drawing style of the famous Sunday comic strip. The concept has become a meme among internet t-shirt retailers, resulting in several different takes on popular culture. Below is a list of ten “Calvin & Hobbes” mashup tees.

Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin

The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon & Leonard)
The Big Bang Theory

Breaking Bad (Walter & Jesse)
Breaking Bad

Back to the Future (Doc Brown & Marty McFly)
Back to the Future



Lost (Hurley & Ben)

Terminator 2 (T-1000 & John Connor)
Terminator 2

Wayne’s World (Wayne & Garth)
Wayne's World

Star Wars (Han Solo & Chewbacca)
Star Wars

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