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What Makes A Great Party? Three Elements Every Amazing Bash Shares In Common


Contrary to what a lot of people might think, event planning professionals do more than run conferences and trade shows. They’re also great for planning parties of all kinds, whether for a musician’s album release, a wedding, a family reunion, or anything in between. That’s not really a huge surprise, of course – hosting a great party requires many of the same skills necessary to run a good conference.

That said, there are a few differences. If you as an event management professional want to branch out to something a bit more personal, it’s important that you understand what makes for a successful party. Much like every great event shares certain elements, so too does every awesome party have something in common with every other awesome party.

That’s what we’re here to talk about today – what makes for a great, engaging, and entertaining bash?

Food, Drink, and Ambience

Do you have enough food, drink, tables, and chairs to accommodate all your party guests? Is there a coherent theme tying everything together? What about music? Do you have a sound system and lighting in place? A band, a professional emcee, or a DJ?

There’s also decor to consider. Consider what props you need to create the sort of mood your party is meant to convey. You probably wouldn’t have pastel flower bouquets at a rave, just as you wouldn’t host a fancy dinner without some sort of dress code.


Although a party might be hosted for many reasons, ultimately everyone’s there for one main purpose – to be entertained. To that end, aside from music or an emcee, what sort of activities do you have planned to keep your guests entertained? Some parties might incorporate games of some kind, while others might simply toss out an open bar and call it a day.

Which one you do depends entirely on what sort of event you want to host.

A Sense of Connectedness

Last but certainly not least, the greatest parties of all foster a sense of community. They bring people together, and make them feel like they’re part of something bigger – something better – than would otherwise be possible. How you do that depends largely on your audience.

Maybe you get people interested through inside jokes and clever marketing tactics. Maybe you bring people together through a common interest in something, or by actively engaging your guests as an emcee or host. However you do it, the most important thing to remember is that your party is about your guests – not about you.

Closing Thoughts

Great parties all have a few things in common – and if you understand that, you’re well-equipped to host one. What’s more, depending on what kind of party you’re running, you might consider spicing things up with some custom-designed clothing or party favors. BlueCotton can help with that – check out our design studio for some idea of what you can do.

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