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Three Fitness Expenses You’ll Deal With When Getting In Shape


It’s that time of year again. You know what we’re talking about. Still feeling the weight of their Christmas vacation, scores of men and women hit the gym, vowing that 2019 will be the year they finally get in shape.

Many of them don’t even last a month. We want to help ensure you’re not among the gymgoers who give up when the going gets tough. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know exactly what they’re in for, both financially and workout-wise.

Today, we’re going to talk about the former. We’ll cover a few unexpected expenses you’ll probably need to budget for as part of your fitness plan. There’s more to shedding the pounds than a gym membership and a few workouts a week, after all.

You’re Going To Have To Change Your Diet

After spending an hour on the treadmill, you leave the gym feeling pretty good about yourself. You stuck to your workout! Figuring you deserve a reward, you hit up the nearest Mcdonald’s and scarf down a quarter pounder.

…And manage to undo all the work you just put in. There’s no shortage of men and women who believe exercise doesn’t work for them. They lament that they simply cannot lose weight, no matter how hard they try.

The problem isn’t that these people aren’t putting in enough effort – it’s that they’re not putting in effort where it really counts. Particularly in the early stages of your routine, exercise is only part of the equation. What you eat matters a whole lot more.

“80% of the results you are going to achieve are determined by 20% of the lifestyle habits you develop,” writes fitness guru Dave Smith. “The “20%” is the food you choose to eat…As long as [you make] the right food choices, [you’ll] get the results [you’re] looking for.”

Here’s where finance comes in. A diet filled with unprocessed meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables tends to be more expensive than one that consists solely of burgers and mac and cheese. You can save a bit of money by buying canned food and frozen veggies, but you’ll likely still need to put away a bit of extra cash to account for the dietary change (and set aside more time to prepare meals).   

You’ll Need To Buy A New Wardrobe

If you’ve lost a ton of weight as part of your fitness journey, it’s a safe bet that none of your old clothes fit anymore. You’re going to need to buy new ones, and either donate or sell your old stuff. Size 40 jeans aren’t really going to cut it when your waist size has dropped down to a 32, after all.

The feeling you’ll get when slipping into an outfit that would never have fit you a year ago is well worth the cost, though. Not only will you (probably) look better, you’ll feel better too. You can trust us on that.

Once You’re Fit, You’ll Be Doing More

You never truly realize how limiting it is to be out of shape until you’re in shape. Once you’ve hit your fitness goals and gotten healthy, you might be surprised at how much more energy you’ve got – and at how much more you’re able to do. Maybe you’ll start going rock climbing or taking hiking trips.

Maybe you’ll start going on more dates or join a sports league. Either way, you’ll probably be spending a bit more money. Again, though – it’ll be worth it.

Becoming A Better You

Getting fit isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort and dedication – and a bit of cash, too. But in the long run, it’s well worth the effort to be both happier and healthier.

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