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27 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

20 Surefire Ways To Come Up With Greek Line Names

Image Credit: deveion acker

Image Credit: deveion acker

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A line name is a unique badge that signifies a member’s identity in a fraternity or sorority. Naturally, this means each line name should be unique. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Here are a few quick hacks you can use to come up with better line names, faster: […]

20 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What Are The Skills Of A Great Event Planner?

Image Credit: Film fra Sør

Image Credit: Film fra Sør

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What traits make the difference between good event planners and great ones? Read on to find out. […]

13 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

What You Need To Know About Managing Charity Volunteers

Image Credit: Muhammad Zharfan

Image Credit: Muhammad Zharfan

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A big part of running a charity involves finding and retaining volunteers. After all, they’re going to handle the bulk of your organization’s work. Without them, you’re pretty much sunk; you won’t be able to host any events or run any fundraisers.

Don’t worry- it’s actually not all that difficult to find people who are willing to work with you, nor terribly daunting to keep them working with you for the future.

Here’s how you can find volunteers that are passionate about your cause. More importantly, we’re going to talk about what needs to be done to retain those volunteers; to keep them coming back time and again to help you out. Let’s get started. […]

06 May 2015 ~ 0 Comments

How to Craft Killer Motivational Speeches for Athletes

Image Credit: popofatticus

Image Credit: popofatticus

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What makes a speech great? What goes into crafting a perfect inspirational gem? How can you weave your team a yarn that gets their blood flowing and their minds pumped?

Let’s find out. […]

11 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Watch this Nanotech Tee Laugh at Stains

The white t-shirt has issues. I’ve documented its shortcomings in previous blog posts about creating a 5K t-shirt that runners love and how to design a charity event t-shirt. Simply put, white tees stain easily and end up relegated to lawn or cleaning duty in short order.

Australian company Threadsmiths are changing all that with their new white t-shirt – the Cavalier. It shrugs off water (and sriracha, wine, mustard and other known fabric staining culprits) from its surface like Kobe Bryant sheds defenders.

Using nano-technology, Threadsmiths infused the 100% cotton t-shirt with hydrophobic qualities that last for up to 80 washes. Check out the Sriracha vs Cavalier video below. Would you throw down $65 for a stainless white t-shirt?

31 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

How to Design a 5K T-shirt Runners Love

Tufts 10K Race for Women

Sorting laundry last weekend, I had barely enough whites to constitute a load. I went scrounging around the house, searching for a errant sock or other white item to add to the pile. “Don’t I have any white t-shirts to wash?!”, I puzzled. Working here at BlueCotton, a purveyor of fine custom t-shirts, you can imagine I have quite a few t-shirts in my wardrobe.

After much opening and shutting of drawers, much shifting of stacks, unfolding and refolding, the result was clear. I counted exactly eight white t-shirts in my collection- all free giveaway t-shirts from various charity walks and events. I keep these shirts because they are from a cause close to my heart, but I rarely wear them.

What is the purpose of the charity t-shirt? Why do they represent the bottom of my drawer even though I support and identify with the cause? How can we improve the charity event t-shirts’ standing? Can they be top-drawer material? If so, how do we get them there? Click here for answers to these burning questions…