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5 T-Shirts Tailor Made For Dancing


It takes a lot more than some people think to become a successful dancer. You’ve gotta have a decent sense of rhythm, a degree of discipline, and the physical fitness to pull off some sweet moves. It’s definitely something to take pride in – so why not strut your stuff in a custom-designed T-shirt?

These 5 dance-themed shirts should leave you feeling inspired and ready to come up with your own design here in our design studio.

Dance. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Dance. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

by Keith Cunningham

You don’t choose the dance life. It chooses you. Show everyone just how dedicated you are to your dance routine with this simple number.

Dance it Out

Dance it out

by Mitsue TG

Fed up with life? Frustrated with how school/work’s going? Give dance therapy a try – take your frustrations out onto the dance floor. Stop worrying and start dancing – it’s the best way to get through life (relatively) unscathed.

The River Tam School of Dance

Dancing silhouette of River Tam from Firefly. Text: The River Tam School of Dance

by Konoko479

Here’s one for all you Firefly fans! River Tam was definitely the quickest, most agile character on the show – the perfect dancer, in other words.


athete plus artist, line break, dancer

by Alan Craker

Search your feelings – you know it to be true. If you’re a dancer, you are an artist, and your body is your canvas. Thing is, you can’t really fill that canvas if walking up a flight of stairs leaves you winded. You’ve gotta be strong, skilled, and most importantly, in shape.

Dance Club

crowded dancers in the shape of a club, as in hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs

by Dan Rule

Let’s leave things off with a little bit of visual art. Not a whole lot to say here, just an awesome pun, and a sweet design from an independent artist.

Feeling inspired? Why not try out a few designs of your own in BlueCotton’s Design Studio? And don’t forget, you can print your design on any of our products, from coats to t-shirts to mugs and hats.

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