25 March 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Play Words With Friends… With Us!

Words With Friends for iPhone & iPod Touch
Several of us here at BlueCotton are big fans of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The wide range of fun and useful apps are often a topic of conversation around the office. One app in particular that has really become a popular source for some friendly competition is Words With Friends.

If you’ve ever played the popular board game, Scrabble™, then you already know how to play Words With Friends! That’s what it essentially is–a mobile, turn-based version of the casual crossword game. One really great thing about WWF is that you can have several games going at one time! I currently have 12 games going simultaneously. So, do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch? If so, play with us! Just download the app to your device, create a new game, and search by any or all of our usernames below!

If you start a game with one of us, let us know that you’re a BlueCotton customer. I must warn you, though. We are pretty competitive. We will not show you mercy!

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