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What Your Band T-Shirt Says About You [Infographic]


Summertime is here, and the music festival season has officially begun. In our last post, Leann described her experience at last summer’s Bonaroo music festival and shared some tour shirts for the 2011 Bonaroo lineup. Anyone that calls them self a music fan has at least one t-shirt featuring a favorite musical artist. The kind of music you listen to can say a lot about who you are as an individual–emotionally, spiritually, politically, etc.–and the t-shirt is a great way to proclaim your musical taste as well as your general personality.

Below is a humorous infographic created by Shane Snow for MTV.com entitled, “What Your Band T-Shirt Says About You.” Check it out and see what your favorite band t-shirt might be communicating to the rest of the world.

What Your Band T-Shirt Says About You

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  1. Matthew T. Browning 25 May 2011 at 3:09 pm Permalink

    There is always something about “claiming” that you were the first of your friends to like a specific band. I definitely relate to the muse t-shirt.

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