Social Media and Customer Experience Manager

Favorite Shirt: G185 Hoodie

Leann helps customers create memorable t-shirt experiences. And her customers come back again and again because of their relationship with the company and their relationship with her. She is the epitome of above and beyond customer service.

Leann is a free thinker. Now sometimes you say that when you mean that the person is totally weird. Other times it means that they have a unique perspective on just about everything. Make your own judgment, but we like the way Leann thinks.

Her dream car is a 1970s International Harvester Scout II. If you don�t know what that is, think �dressed down Jeep.� Her favorite shirt is a hoodie. She�s a morning person. And Leann�s genius idea for repurposing t-shirt material is one we could all get behind: toilet paper. Might give plumbers fits but we�d all be happier. I guarantee it.

When temps drop in the office, she doesn�t put on a jacket or a scarf or a pair of gloves. She puts on a pot of coffee. She�s practical and thoughtful. She gets warm the way she understands customers�from the inside out.