Art Director

Favorite Shirt: American Apparel 2001 Organic Tee

BlueCotton doesn't have many employees remaining from the previous century. So you should know that if anyone has stuck around since then, they're here for a reason. Angie has been with the company since 1998. And she's witnessed and been a big part of the positive changes that we've experienced.

Angie manages our ever-expanding and always-developing art department. That includes design work, people skills, problem solving and coffee guzzling. Angie excels in all of these areas.

It's probably not the reason she's stuck around so long, but she really loves Brad's Mexican lunches. She's probably around because BlueCotton has helped her make her dreams come true! For example, she's already driving her dream car-a Honda Element! OK, so she could work somewhere else and drive that car.

Angie's here because the art department couldn't run without her. She has her hands (or more specifically, her mouse) on just about every project that comes through. So if you've had a good experience with an order, Angie's largely to thank. And if you have had any really terrible experiences, Angie has already fired the people responsible. So you won't have to worry about any more disappointment.