Senior Graphic Designer

Favorite Shirt: Gildan 64000

Michael uses his mystical graphic design powers in a lot of ways at BlueCotton. Along with creating and processing designs for custom garments, he also helps out with marketing materials like email campaigns and web advertisements. And by night he emerges from the Batcave underneath BlueCotton as his alter ego, The Blogger. Spend some time on our blog and you're sure to come across some of his work.

So whether on the keyboard or on his design tablet, he's a contributor. And when he's not working hard, he takes playing pretty seriously. He's cooking up plans for underwear made of t-shirt material, which he's sure to wear while owning his friends in games of Hanging With Friends.

His tastes are as unique and varied as his always-changing facial hair styles. One day he's sipping on a mocha frappuccino, the next he's chowing down on White Castle sliders. Some days he dreams of relaxing vacations on Hawaii, and other times he years for the HEMI-charged exhilaration of a new Dodge Challenger.

One surprising thing you should know about Michael: he's never used the History Brush in Photoshop. But it's not because he doesn't know how. It's because his design skills are so keen that he rarely makes mistakes. But when he does finally slip up, he gets really, really angry.