Assistant Production Manager

Favorite Shirt: American Apparel TR401

If the lights are on at BlueCotton, Cole probably turned them on. He spends most of his waking hours back in the shop making sure things are running efficiently. He works hard to implement and enforce procedures that make sure customers are more than pleased with their orders. Under his watch, BlueCotton is more efficient and more profitable.

Cole is a man of simplicity. He chooses burger joints over coffee houses. His favorite app on his phone isn't a game-it's a budgeting tool. His dream car is one that is paid off. And he doesn't need a fancy vacation. Just some place where he can sit back and relax.

He does a little bit of everything at BlueCotton. Sometimes he works the production floor. Other times he's working on efficiencies and procedures. And he also gets drafted to set up tables for Free Lunch Wednesdays. But he gets asked to do so many things because he makes sure things get done right.

Cole has become a master of the screen printing process. He was even featured on our YouTube page demonstrating how to set up screens for printing. Check it out. You might learn something. I mean seriously. What are you doing with your life?