Founder and CEO

Favorite Shirt: American Apparel 2001

BlueCotton was built with blood, sweat, tears and acrylic screen printing ink. Three of those fluids were donated by Mike. He built BlueCotton from scratch, starting by screening shirts in his tiny apartment. Now that business has grown just a bit, Mike can spend his time coming up with new ideas and policies that ensure customer satisfaction.

He also performs the annual pruning of the knockout roses that grow in front of the building.

Mike is a unique blend of easy-to-please and my-way-or-the-highway. When it comes to things like Free Lunch Wednesdays or vacation spots, he�s easy to please (cheeseburgers and tater chips, anywhere warm, respectively). But never question the man�s work schedule (typically 10pm to 2am). And if you�re hot or cold inside BlueCotton, it�s because Mike drives the thermostat.

Perhaps his success can be attributed to his ability to look at things with fresh perspective.