Favorite Shirt: District Made Perfect Weight V-Neck Tee

Warren joined BlueCotton.com in 2000. Today, he oversees financial planning and reporting. He's a data analyst expert/spreadsheet fiend. And over 90% of meeting requests originate from his corner office.

An avid musician, Warren enjoys showing off his perfect pitch with the help of Cleartune-his favorite iPhone app. He loves Brad's healthy Mexican menu on Free Lunch Wednesdays.

We're not sure if he was a Boy Scout, but the guy is always prepared. In case things get chilly, he keeps fleece AND a space heater nearby. That's enough preparedness to keep at least 6 people warm. Not bad.

We won't just come right out and say that Warren is cool, but here are some random facts. He does yoga. His dream car is a black '68 'Vette. He vacations in Maine. It's been said that Chuck Norris has a book of Warren Facts.

Enough said.