Production Artist

Favorite Shirt: American Apparel 2001

Like a bridge over troubled water, Adam helps customer-made designs get ready for screen printing. Not that the process involves troubled waters. And it doesn't even resemble troubled waters. But it is like a bridge. And there are only so many recognizable song lyrics that include the word bridge. So in short, Adam is a bridge.

Adam's goals and aspirations are all reasonable and reachable. Not sure what that says about his personality. Maybe it means that he's a bridge. Wait, no. We covered that. We think it means he's hopeful yet realistic. I mean for Pete's sake, his dream vacation spot is California-that's on the continent. If he started now he could walk there in a month and a half.

His dream car was made in the early 60s. He might have a tough time finding one that runs, but there are plenty of old Toyota Land Cruisers around. And his favorite iPhone app is the camera. And those have been on phones for the better part of a decade. Could this guy be any easier?

And keeping him happy at work is just as simple. Occasional iced coffee, some of Brad's Mexican fare, an afternoon soda and a computer mouse. That's all it takes. He's like an instant designer. Just add that stuff.