Director of Operations

Favorite Shirt: Hanes 5180

Richard took over operations at in 2010, providing oversight and direction for the company's three primary functions: Customer Service, Art and Production.

Get to know Richard and you'll understand that his personal style is a lot like his work style: simple and efficient. Take his favorite shirt, for example. The Beefy T isn't flashy. But it's sturdy, dependable and pretty utilitarian.

At Starbucks, he orders a milkshake. He knows they don't have milkshakes, but he doesn't remember what they're called. Asking for a milkshake is the fastest route possible to reach a solution. His description of a dream car ("A Toyota Tundra with a mild suspension upgrade and mildly off-road tires.") contains two "milds." And it's a dream car! But,just like Richard,it gets the job done.

Away from the office, Richard enjoys a round of golf (or a golfing trip to Hilton Head, SC-his favorite vacation spot). And if you ever have a question about a tough level on Angry Birds, Richard can definitely share a workable solution.