Customer Service Manager

Favorite Shirt: American Apparel TR401

From order to delivery, Julie works hard to make sure that every customer gets more than they bargained for. She's the manager of BlueCotton's customer service team and she takes customer satisfaction very seriously. But she keeps things around the office nice and light, so we have lots of reasons to like her.

Julie is fueled toward success by several things. First, there are her semi-daily doses of hot chocolate-she says coffee is for grown-ups. Second, she finds inspiration in "Hef." Hef is a sweater that looks like one of Hugh Hefner's robes. It keeps her warm and on task. Third, she keeps her nose to the grindstone to avoid driving dilapidated cars like her first car, The Ghetto Sled.

She's also full of good ideas. She thinks the best vacation spots are the ones outside of cell-phone range. She hopes to let us know just how bad cell service is on Prince Edward Island soon. And she wants to see the hardwood of bleachers replaced with t-shirt material. Any more ideas that good and she'll be winning Nobels.

When you give us a call, hope you get Julie. If you do and you have an extra three to four hours to kill, ask her to describe her dream kitchen or closet. Just don't listen while operating heavy machinery. Trust us.