Human Resources and Accounting Supervisor

Favorite Shirt: Canvas 3001

You can�t print custom shirts without shirts. And Josh sees to it that there are always shirts to print on. In fact, he�s in charge of making sure that we always have the RIGHT shirts to print on. That�s important to us, and it�s important to you. So you could say that Josh is important. I think we just did.

Josh is an independent thinker. Most people prefer Mexican on Free Lunch Wednesday�Josh likes burgers with chipotle mayo. Most people want to use t-shirt material to make pillow cases, blankets or couches. Josh wants it to cover the top of his desk (GENIUS!). He works so hard at purchasing that his elbows are hurting at the end of the day! What a guy!

And Josh is sensible. His dream car is a Toyota. His favorite vacation spot is in North Carolina. And he orders a small coffee at Starbucks. That�s small. Not tall. He doesn�t even trouble his barista with adding the cream and sugar. He�s a grown up. He can handle it.

It�s not a stretch to say that BlueCotton cannot operate without Josh. His duties are so crucial that if they weren�t getting done, everyone would be absolutely miserable. And I�m not even talking about buying shirts. Don�t get us wrong, that�s important. But Josh also buys our toilet paper and paper towels. And that�s serious business.