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Custom T-shirt Printing

What resolution should I use for pictures?

We recommend 300 DPI or higher. It's important for the graphic to be the size you intend to print on the garment. For instance, if you want your graphic to print 10"w x 11"h, make it 10"w x 11"h at 300 dpi. For more information check out our blog entry.

How large can you print my design?

Our maximum imprint area is 13 inches wide by 15 inches tall on both the front and back of the garment. Keep in mind that this imprint size is bigger than many of the shirts that we offer, especially in sizes Small and Medium.

How long does the screen printing last on a shirt?

The industry standard for the longevity of screen printed shirts is around 35 washes, however, many screenprinted items will last for many years. We recommend machine-washing your screen printed t-shirts inside out in cold water and tumble drying on low (unless the garment tag calls for a different drying procedure). We do not recommend dry cleaning any screen printed garments.

How do I get names and numbers to appear on the front and the back of the garment?

Use the "Personalized Names or#'s" feature located on the left hand side of the Design Studio to enter the names and/or numbers on the appropriate sizes of your t-shirts. You cannot add Names and #'s to the front of a t-shirt within the Design Studio. However, if you desire Names and #'s on the front of a garment, please call (1-800-536-1435) or email ( our customer service department, explaining that you want the names and/or numbers to appear on the front as well as on the back of your garments. There will be an extra charge assessed to your order. A customer service representative will go over this extra charge with you when you contact us.

Will my design be centered on the shirt?

Yes. Sometimes the center feature in the Design Studio doesn't appear to be centered on the screen. Our art department makes sure that everything is centered and sized appropriately before we print your shirts. You can always leave notes in special instructions that you would like the design to be centered. Our design team will see those notes and make sure everything is centered prior to production.

Can you print over the zipper on a hoodie?

Yes we can. However, the print may be skewed a little or not as clear as it would normally be if printed directly on the garment. We recommend that this only be done on hidden zipper garments. You can call 1-800-536-1435 or email to discuss this option with a Customer Service Representative.

Can I print on the sleeves?

Yes, you can add a sleeve print to many of our garments by using the "Add Sleeve Print" tool in the Design Studio. Keep it simple. Sleeve prints are 3.25" by 3.25" and may use no more than two colors. We do require a minimum order quantity of six garments in order to include a sleeve print. If you do not see the “Add Sleeve Print” tool on the garment you have selected let us know! We can look into sleeve printing as an option for that particular garment.

Can my design wrap around the sleeves?

No. Sleeve prints must be small enough to fit on one side or length of a sleeve.

How can I make white areas transparent when I upload an image?

If you upload a multi-color drawing or logo, you may want to make some areas transparent or the color of the garment. Use the "Make an area transparent" feature at the bottom of the color palette. If a white or other color static is left after using this feature, don't worry. Our artists will clean up the image. It would be helpful to explain to us in the "Give us special instructions" box (lower right corner in the Design Studio) what you would like to be removed or fixed about your uploaded image. If you use the transparency tool and notice it takes more color out of the image than you intended, please select “Remove Transparency” and proceed to leaving notes in the “Add Special Instructions” box about what you would like the design team to remove from your image.

How do I make a special request for my order?

If you have any special requests for your order (e.g. a specific PMS color to use, notes on the print location, request to fix a portion of the artwork, color change on ink or garments, a deadline for an event) the best way to let us know is to type them into the "Add special instructions" box (for orders of 12 or more) in the lower right corner of the Design Studio. A customer service rep will follow up with you on your instructions once your order is placed.

How can I make the garment or names/number colors to match my ink colors?

Since garments, ink, and vinyl are made from different materials, sometimes their colors don't match as displayed in the Design Studio. To correct this, please indicate in the "Give us special instructions" box (lower right corner of the Design Studio) what colors you would like us to match. When we print your order, we will make our best effort to match screen print ink colors to a portion of the garment or to the color you select for names and numbers.

Can you embroider and screen print on the same shirt?

At this current time our website is not set up for both screen printing and embroidery on the same shirt. If you would like to do this you can contact a customer service representative by calling 1-800-536-1435 or emailing and they can help you get your order started.

How will my garments be printed?

We have three different methods for printing your custom garments.

    •Screen Print

    •Digital Printing

    •Vinyl Names and Numbers

There are a number of factors that determine what method will be used in the production of your garment.

    •Quantities of six or more will generally be screen printed.

    •Single garment orders or orders with less than six garments are almost always produced using Digital Printing.

    •There are certain special instances that will not fall into these specific guidelines. If the imprint area exceeds the printable area of our screen printing equipment, the garments will be produced via Digital Printing regardless of quantities.

Here is more information about these methods in detail:

Screen Print
To screen print a design onto a shirt, fine mesh screens are created with a stencil of your design. Similar to film photography, emulsion is applied to a screen, a negative image of the design is transferred onto the screen by exposure to light, and then the design (portion where the emulsion wasn't exposed to light) is blown out with high pressure water. What results is basically a stencil of your design. A screen is created for each layer or ink color used in the design. Next, the ink is squeezed through the stencil design portion of the screens onto a t-shirt by an automated or manual squeegee. After all color layers are applied to the shirt, it goes on a trip through a high-heat dryer to quickly dry the ink. And voila, a custom screen printed tee is born! We use this method, in most cases, for orders with six garments or more.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing is a new technology that produces incredible print quality. It is generally used for small quantities or complex, multi-colored artwork. The benefits of using this method are an unlimited color range, a durable imprint, and an excellent print quality with designs involving photos. BlueCotton uses only the latest and very best Digital Printers on the market today. All of our machines are made by Kornit, the leader in Digital Print technology.

Names and Numbers
When you use the "Names and Numbers" feature in our Design Studio, we create individual vinyl names and numbers in the font and color you selected for each shirt. We offer 18 different colored vinyls to choose from. The names and numbers are applied to the garment via a heat press, cooled, and then backing removed. If you want a screen printed ink color in your design to match a certain vinyl color for the names and numbers, please specify this in the "Give us special instructions" box in the Design Studio. We will make our best effort to match the ink color to the vinyl color you select.
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