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Where can I find a sizing chart for a garment?

Once you click a specific garment style a product page with available colors, details, and a sizing chart will be displayed. Clicking on the link labeled "See How It Fits", which is located under the garment photo on the left, will display the sizing chart. The body width measurement is taken across the chest at approximately two inches below the armpit seam. The body length is measured in a straight line from the highest point of the shoulder, down to the bottom of the shirt. If you still have questions on a product, please feel free to contact us.

Do you carry youth-sized shirts?

Yes, we offer t-shirts, sweatshirts and athletic apparel in youth sizes. Our youth-sized shirts are indicated by a "Y" in front of the size. Not every color offered comes in youth sizes, but most of the basic colors will have youth sizes. All of our youth garments can be found by selecting "Youth" under the "Our Products" menu in the header.

Do you offer infant and/or toddler shirts?

Yes. Currently, these garments are not available at our website but we can order them for you. If you would like to order infant or toddler sizes for your order, please contact a customer service rep by calling 1-800-536-1435 or start a live chat by clicking the help tab located on the left side of every page.

Do you offer big and tall sizes?

We do have three options available online, but there are more options available that we can order for you. Our online options include the 2000T Gildan Ultra Cotton Tall Tee and the 518T Hanes Tall Beefy-T in the short sleeve section, as well as the D100T Tall Pima Pique Short Sleeve Polo. Please contact a customer service rep to find out what additional styles we can offer you.

Do you offer organic tees?

Yes. Many of our customers have expressed an interest in organic clothing. We have responded to these requests by adding shirts to our website that are made from 100% organic cotton. These t-shirts can be found by typing "organic" into the search bar.
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