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Custom Product Embroidery

Can you embroider and screen print on the same shirt?

At this current time our website is not set up for both screen printing and embroidery on the same shirt. If you would like to do this you can contact a customer service representative by calling 1-800-536-1435 or emailing and they can help you get your order started.

What is the production process for embroidery orders?

Embroidery starts with the artwork for your design being digitized. This is the process of converting a two-dimensional design into stitches. This process puts the design into a format whereby our embroidery machines can sew your design in different threads colors onto your garment. The specific thread colors (we have over forty to choose from) are manually loaded into our machines once we've created the digitized file of your design and the garment is placed in a special hoop and loaded into the machine. Using the special design file, the machines sew the design in a particular color sequence.

How large can you sew my design?

Maximum design areas vary based on the item being embroidered. For apparel we recommend 3 ½" wide x 2 ½" tall; hats 3 ½" wide x 2 ¼" tall; and visors 3 ½" wide x 1 ½" tall. In addition to the maximum design areas we also suggest all text within a design measure at least ¼" for the best sewing conditions. You can adjust the size of your image by using the Precision Tools in the Design Studio.

What images or designs work best for embroidery?

We highly recommend using simple designs for embroidery. Those with solid colors, bold lines and text at least ¼" tall will look the cleanest and really stand out. Consider avoiding designs with substantial fine detail, shading or gradient and photographs.

How will you match thread colors to the colors in my design?

We have 44 thread options to use when selecting colors for your design. Unlike ink colors in screen print, there are only a finite number of thread colors. For this reason an artist will select the closest thread match to your uploaded image. If it will drastically change the look of your logo the artist will contact you with an updated proof for your approval.
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