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Animals Design Ideas

For animal adoption events, local farms and vets of all kinds, having custom T-shirts and sweatshirts to promote the brand or the cause helps build a sense of community. Share your organization or group with anyone you meet by choosing a design template in our gallery.

Custom Animal Rescue T-shirts

Encourage people to foster and adopt pets from your animal shelter with employee shirts, event tees and more. A popular short-sleeve tee is the Gildan heavy cotton shirt with sizing for kids and adults alike. You're never too young to care about animals that need a forever home. Inspire that Adopt, Don't Shop mentality in everyone at your shelter or adopt-a-thons with printed tees that feature that phrase.

You can also let your wildlife rehabilitators know you appreciate their work with funny animal shirts. Whether you've got a team of veterinarians helping woodland critters or a pet rescue, your rehab and release team will be grateful for the extra attention. Add a layer of personalization and team building with our Names & Numbers feature. Print employee names and numbers on the back of each tee for a personal touch at your animal sanctuary.

Design Your Own Farm Shirts

Choose from our templates for local agricultural and meat farms, bringing people together with sustainable food sources in their own communities. Go for straightforward designs that put the logo front and center, or choose witty animal tees to wear to the farmer's market. The right tone for your team is here.

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