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Sports / Teams Design Ideas

Outfit all your athletes with custom team shirts for a variety of sports, from baseball and tennis to cheerleading and dance. Look through our convenient categories to discover an exceptional choice for your players.

Custom Sports Team T-Shirts

High school athletes and intramural players will be pumped up for practice or a big game with an iconic graphic tee for the entire team. Inclusive sizing and pricing with our small minimum order means just about everyone can get the team T-shirt design they need.

Different designs can fit different situations and activities. Try printing one of these on T-shirts for practice jerseys that are easy to clean, not to mention that sweatshirts can be tossed over your favorite team shirt ideas in chillier weather. Our athletic collection is packed with performance tees that local Parks and Rec teams will be delighted to have. Some sports have signature apparel that you should look into creating. For example, tank tops are expected at basketball games and you can't be out on the field without baseball and softball jerseys. Offer any of these custom sports shirts as fan gear to let your supporters cheer you on during game day too.

Personalize your preferred sports T-shirt design with our Names and Numbers tool in the online studio. Each player's assigned number and last name will be on the back of their tee for a timeless look. If you'd rather have a keepsake tee, print the names of every teammate on the back and the year for a commemorative sport shirt design.

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